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Internet Computer Station Use Policy

Library staff members cannot provide individualized instruction to all users, but they may be available for limited instruction in basic start up procedures.

Internet computer users must know basic computer use and the have a preliminary knowledge of the Internet and its resources.

If Internet computer users have no basic knowledge of computers or the Internet, they are encouraged to use the library's other resources such as classes, books and videotapes to familiarize themselves with the proper use of hardware and software. Users are also encouraged to seek out and participate in other forms of instruction such as adult education classes at the area's schools and universities.


The computers are loaded with all of the software necessary for approved uses.

Patrons may not alter software configurations, load any other personal software from floppy disk onto the hard disks of the library's computers, or download any other files from the Internet to the library's computers.

Patrons may not attach any additional equipment to the library's computers.

Patrons may not download library software to their own storage devices. All storage devices must be scanned for viruses by the library staff before using in a library computer.

All registering computer users must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid borrower’s card in good standing with the library.

Parents may register their children under the age of 18 years for terminals with appropriate Internet blocking or filtering software, in accordance with the Library's Internet Safety Policy.

Users must read and agree to abide by the Library's Computer Use Policy.

Users must have a signed Computer Use Agreement Form on file with the library and will be issued a Computer User Card.

Users must present their Computer User Card to reserve or use the computers.


Access to the Internet Access Rooms will be limited to only those patrons who have approved Internet access time with the exception of children accompanied by their parents.

Adults accompanied by children will be assigned to computers in the restricted area.

Parents are cautioned that users in the adult access area may be viewing pages that may be inappropriate for children.


Patrons must submit their Computer User Card at the Serials Desk to use an Internet computer.

The normal charged time period for Internet access is 1 hour.

Patrons may renew their access for an additional hour if no other patrons are waiting.

Patrons must relinquish their computer access promptly when their allotted time has expired.

The printing charge is $.05 per page for black and white pages even if a patron provides the paper. 

Please pay for prints at the Serials Desk.

Patrons are cautioned not to violate copyright restrictions.

The Library does not manage electronic mail accounts for patrons. Many sites on the Internet will provide free e-mail services to the public.

Violations of this policy or the library's General Computer Use Policy will result in the suspension of computer use privileges.

Patrons will be held responsible for all damages or alterations to hardware or software, or any other financial loss they may cause from their use of the library's computers.



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