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 It is the mission of the Westchester Public Library to be a dynamic library providing free and unprejudiced access to knowledge and information to improve the quality of life, learning, and the economy of the community.
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Meeting Services

Meeting Room Application Available Here

- Meeting room services are coordinated by the Library Administration Office. Please call the office at 926-7696 for reservations and information.  


ROOMS - The library currently has 3 general meeting areas available.  




OPEN MEETINGS - All meetings must be free and open to the public. No closed meetings or secret sessions are allowed.  


FEES - There is no basic charge for using the library's meeting rooms during regular library operating hours. Groups wishing to meet when the library buildings are closed will have to arrange to hire a library staff member authorized to open and close the building and supervise the meeting.  


Groups may not charge an admission fee or collect donations in conjunction with the use of the library's meeting rooms.  


Buying and selling products or services in not permitted except in support of the library. Groups wishing to conduct fund raising activities must receive the prior permission of the Library Board.  


Groups may charge a reasonable fee for meals served during the meeting. Caterers may provide the meal, but they must coordinate their services with the library.  


RESERVATIONS AND CANCELLATIONS - Groups requesting the use of the meeting rooms must contact the library's administrative office and complete a meeting room application form. Only adult resident patrons of the library district may reserve meeting rooms.  


Applications will be reviewed by the Director and if approved, the meeting will be scheduled. Standing reservations for the year must be renewed annually before December 31.  


The library reserves the right to relocate, cancel or postpone meetings depending on room demand, availability, and group size.  


The library must be notified as soon as possible about cancelled or postponed meetings.  


KEYS – Groups wanting to use the Library Service Center meeting room must check out keys for the building and the restrooms from the circulation desk at the Thomas Library on the day of the meeting and return the keys the following day.  


SET UP - Groups are responsible for preparing the room arrangement for their meetings.  


KITCHENETTES  – Groups may use the library’s kitchen facilities to help prepare meals and refreshments but must provide their own foodstuffs, paper goods, and cleaning supplies. Dirty dishes should not be left in sinks. Coffee pots may be available but should be left clean.

 - All tables and chairs must be returned to their original positions at the conclusion of the meeting. Meeting areas must be free from litter and trash must be removed. Restrooms in the Library Service Center have to be locked. Groups may arrange for the use of library cleaning equipment in advance to insure the rooms are left clean.  


SUPPLIES - Groups must provide all of their own supplies.  


EQUIPMENT - Groups may arrange for the use of the library's audio visual equipment by calling the A-V department at 926-7696. A microphone for the Library Service Center sound system may be available and be checked out with room keys from the Thomas Library circulation desk. A microphone must be returned the day after the meeting. 


STORAGE - Groups may be allowed to store equipment in the library as space permits. Groups must provide their own storage containers. The library assumes no responsibility for the possible loss of any stored material.  


INSURANCE - The library may require on a case by case basis, general liability insurance naming the library as an additional insured, retention of security personnel, or compensation for additional library staff to help supervise activities.  





Revised 1/20/2013


The buildings of Westchester Public Library (“Library”) contain meeting rooms to help fulfill the goals and objectives of the Library and to bring together the resources of the Library and the activities of our community.

The Library invites the public to make maximum use of its meeting rooms. To this end, meeting rooms shall be made available to any local group of citizens for the purpose of holding meetings or exhibits of a cultural, educational (including continuing professional education), intellectual, informational, civic, charitable, or entertaining nature, but not of a primarily private or commercial nature.

The administration of the Library shall (1) formulate specific procedures, forms, and requirements for the implementation of this policy consistent with the guidelines provided in this policy, and (2) provide day-to-day interpretations of this policy.


Any use of the Library’s meeting rooms must conform to all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Financial and investment seminars are prohibited. No activity shall be permitted which shall in any manner be potentially destructive to the Library property or disruptive to activities of the Library or other groups using the Library. The use of alcohol shall not be permitted except at Library Board sponsored functions.

All activities must be free and open to the public. Open to the public means open to observation and does not automatically give a nonmember observer the right to be a participating member of a meeting room assembly, or the right to address the meeting group, or the right to disrupt the meeting proceeds in any manner. If a meeting room group provides meals or refreshments for its members, the group is not required to share its refreshments or meals with a nonmember.

Use of the Library’s meeting rooms shall require the specific permission of the Library. A requesting group must agree to comply with the rules, regulations and procedures adopted by the Library, including if requested, without limitation, (1) provision of general liability insurance naming the Library as additional insured, (2) compensation of Library staff who act as chaperones, and (3) retention of off-duty police for security.

The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group’s policies, beliefs, or activities.


Library-sponsored activities shall always take precedence in scheduling meeting room use. Friends of the Library meetings and sales, and volunteer recognition and appreciation events are considered to be library sponsored activities. Non-library groups shall be treated as equitably as possible within the constraints of popular demand, availability and size.


There shall not be a basic fee for the use of the Library’s meeting rooms. However, expenses for janitorial services, losses, or repairs shall be the responsibility of the group causing the same.


Groups may not charge an admission fee or collect a donation in conjunction with the use of the Library’s meeting rooms. Groups may collect nominal and reasonable dues from the membership and receive reimbursement from their members for actual meal costs.

Buying and selling of products or services is not permitted on the Library’s property except in support of the Library. Groups wishing to conduct fund-raising activities for community or other purposes must receive the prior permission of the Director of the Library.


Meeting room reservations must be made by a member of the group who is also an adult resident patron of the library district in good standing with the library. Each group requesting use of the Library’s meeting rooms shall designate one or more of its members to be directly responsible for the group’s use. At a minimum, the designated person shall be responsible for (1) scheduling, (2) obtaining room and building keys if necessary, (3) room setup and preparation, (4) meeting room, restroom and building security, (5) room clean-up, (6) insuring that all policies and procedures of the Library are followed, (6) restricting unauthorized attendees from entering the Library proper if the meeting is being held before or after regular Library operating hours, (7) returning keys and borrowed equipment to the appropriate library department(s), and (8) acting as liaison with the Library administration.

Children and young adult groups are encouraged to use the Library’s meeting rooms; however, they must be supervised by one or more adult sponsors if under the age of 18.


Any breach of this policy may be cause for revoking, suspending, or limiting the use of the Library’s meeting rooms by the offending group. Any denied group may re-apply for use of the Library’s meeting rooms; provided that, the group shows that the conditions that caused the denial have been corrected.

Any denial of use may be appealed to the Director of the Library who will present the appeal to the Library’s Board of Trustees.



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